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DID (Direct Inward Dialing) numbers play a crucial role in enhancing business communication by allowing customers to directly connect with the right agents or executives. ASTPP offers a robust DID number management solution that empowers providers to efficiently handle a range of virtual numbers and extensions. Whether managing numbers in bulk or individually, our DID number management software simplifies the entire process.

Packed with features, this product of/feature by ASTPP, streamlines business operations for virtual number providers, enabling them to operate seamlessly across multiple geographies. The integration of an automated VoIP billing solution further enhances the efficiency of the billing process.

Table of Contents


The purpose of the DID number management solution is to provide a feature-rich platform for effectively handling virtual numbers. This includes creating and managing virtual numbers in bulk or independently, facilitating easy import and export operations through a user-friendly GUI.

The system allows providers to assign DID numbers to predefined customers effortlessly, ensuring a hassle-free business operation. With automated invoicing and billing for DID numbers and other offerings, providers can run their DID management business on autopilot mode, ensuring a steady stream of revenue generation. The platform also offers features like single/bulk assignment, purchase management from multiple vendors, recurring fee setup, and call transfer facilities, providing a comprehensive solution for the seamless operation of a DID business.

How will it work?


Services --> Products

Create DID Product

Admin can create DIDs manually from the admin panel with the respective fields and those DIDs reseller or customers can add it to their account.

Product Category

Select the category DID. By default the package will be selected.


Number to create DID.


Add description for your reference.


Select the provider for the DID.


Select the country for which country the DID is created.

Buy Cost

Define the buy cost for the reseller or other entity.


City for which DID is creating.


Province for which DID is creating.


Select the status for the DID active or inactive.

Connection Cost

Connection fee to charge customer minimum when their call will be connected

Grace Time (Sec.)

Define seconds will be free from the call duration for each call


Cost per minute

Initial Increment

Initial block of increment which is use to do billing of calls.


Rate of increment to calculate call cost after Initial Increment.

Setup Fee

One time setup fee for the DID.


Monthly cost for the DID.

Call Timeout (Sec.)

Ring time seconds. Call will automatically hang up after ringing call timeout seconds if not accepted.

Billing Type

Choose the billing type; if "One Time" is selected, the DID will be assigned once and terminated. If "recurring" is selected, the DID will renew based on the defined billing days.

Billing Days

Billing days for the DID.

Concurrent Calls

It defines how many calls are running on the same time.

Opt-in and Reale via Reseller Panel

In the above provided screenshot, in the context of a reseller login, if the reseller intends to opt-in the mentioned DID, they should click on "Buy DIDs."

Upon selecting "Buy DIDs," the system will display all the currently available DIDs from the admin. Resellers can proceed to acquire these DIDs by completing the corresponding payment process.

As depicted in the provided screenshot, the available DIDs are visible after choosing "Buy DIDs." To make a purchase, simply click on "Purchase" for the desired DID.