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DID destination set-up option in customer edit page

Improvement: Enhanced Customer Edit Page with DID Destination Setup Option 

We are excited to announce a significant enhancement in our latest release – the inclusion of a DID (Direct Inward Dialing) destination setup option directly within the customer edit page. This improvement streamlines the process of managing and configuring DID destinations for individual customers, providing a more integrated and efficient experience. 

Key Features: 

  • DID Destination Setup Option: 

  • Users can now access and configure DID destination settings directly from the customer edit page. 

  • This centralized approach simplifies the setup process and allows for quick and seamless customization of DID destinations for individual customers. 


How It Works: 

  • Customer Edit Page: 

  • Within the customer edit page, a DID destination option is available. So, Users can easily configure and customize DID destinations without navigating to additional pages. 

  • We have provided the option to set DID destinations for admin, reseller, and subadmin logins. 


  • How to set DID destination options for an admin, reseller, or customer? 

  • Go to Inbound > DIDs > Set DID destination by click on forwarding button 

  • Please watch video below for better understanding. 

  • DID_Destination_Option_GivenTo_CustomerEdit.mp4



  • Streamlined Configuration: 

  • The integration of DID destination setup within the customer edit page reduces the need for multiple navigation steps, resulting in a more streamlined and efficient configuration process. 


  • Enhanced Customization: 

  • Users gain increased flexibility in tailoring DID destinations on a per-customer basis, ensuring a more personalized and precise configuration. 


Upgrade Today: 

Take advantage of this improved customer edit page feature by upgrading to the latest version of our platform. We believe that this enhancement will contribute to a more user-friendly and efficient experience in managing DID destinations. 

Thank you for choosing our platform. We are committed to continuously enhancing our services to meet your evolving needs. If you have any questions or feedback, our support team is ready to assist.