Number Portability Service


This Facility allows the user to move from one operator to another operator irrespective of the geographical location by providing the provider details and also attaching the latest invoice PDF copy for the current operator when the bill was paid.

Some of its key features are as below.

  • Create Change Number Porting Request.
  •  Request Check And Completed By Admin.


Get Addons → Enterprise →  Number Portability Service

Addon will be installed successfully!! Re-login into the ASTPP portal to use the feature!!

Configuring the Number Portability Service

Go to Services→ Number Portability. Number portability page will open where user needs to click on the "Request a Number Port" button seen below.

Number Portability page will open where below fields needs to be configure.

As seen in below above screenshot, there are the fields explained in below table for the Number Portability configuration

Field Name

Field Description

ResellerReseller can be either admin or reseller for the number portability
AccountSet the customer Account for which the Number Portability needs to be done.
Company NameSet the provider Company Name
Company AddressSet the Provider Company Address
CountrySet the Country for which Number portability needs to be done.
Number Type

There Two types of Number as seen below.

  • Individual Number: Here only single number will be ported.
  • Number Range: Here a series of number can be ported by entering the Start number and End Number.
NumberIf Individual then only Single number needs to be entered, if range selected then start number and end number needs to be entered.
Existing Provider NameSet the current provider name.
New Provider NameSet the Destination provider name where the portability will be done.
Requested Port DateSet the Port Date which was Requested.
Requested Port TimeSet the Port Time which was Requested.
Upload Recent Phone BillUpload the latest Bill for current provider in PDF copy.
EmailSet the Email to which the port notification should arrive.
Terms and ConditionsClick on the Check box, these terms and conditions are configurable from settings menu.

Configure the Number Portability as per the explanation given in the above table. Once Configured then click on save button.

Once the Porting is done, it needs to be approved by the admin, as seen below the porting is still in pending status.

Click on the Number to go in the Edit Screen and Accept/Reject the status or porting.

Now Admin will verify the details and will decide either to Accept or reject the status, email notification will go to the email ID configured in the menu.

Once click on the Accept/Reject Button, one pop-up message will display where notes needs to be entered as seen in below screenshot. Once notes entered then click on save button.

Once the portability is accepted then the status will change to accepted as seen in below screenshot.

This portability feature has no links with any provider, this feature only includes the service for giving the portability request add and then admin can accept or reject but the real portability with the provider will be done by admin on real time basis with the service provider. This feature just helps admin to recognise which numbers needs to be ported and what is the destination provider against which the porting needs to be done.