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How to Contribute

1. Become a tester and report bugs in the bug tracker: Here is the link

2. Write or improve our project documentation: Which is me :)

3. Become a translator: If you have good command over other languages then here is one more option for you to become a translator for documentation or portal labels.

4. Suggest a feature: If you have an idea you feel could improve the project, you can suggest to us.

5. Donate by money: You can contribute to survive project, speed project development and to encourage the team. Donation PayPal id is or visit

6. Build a community: As we are an open source, to survive it needs to become the center of a large, engaged community. Community means more people to discover and report issues, suggest new features, and generally help to spread the word. There are lots of ways you can help to grow a project’s community, but a few popular methods are writing blogs and tutorials, promoting the project on social networks, and becoming active on its mailing list and/or forums, particularly when it involves answering questions newcomers have about the project.