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ASTPP is an Open Source VoIP Billing Solution for Freeswitch. It supports pre-paid and post-paid billing with call rating and credit control. It also provides many other features such as calling cards, smart routing, did management, resellers management etc.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

This document is designed to facilitate your initiation with the platform, providing insights into the offerings and functionalities it provides. It outlines key features such as account management, tariff plans, rates management, billing and invoicing, comprehensive reports, and more. It aims to help you understand what the platform offers and how to navigate its various elements effectively.

Once you've reviewed the System Requirements, you can utilize a swift setup Installation Script to promptly deploy ASTPP. Following that, navigating through the Quick Start section will provide a seamless initiation for configuring essential settings. The Modules and Addons sections offer comprehensive insights into each component, explaining their functionalities and configurations for a better understanding.