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Quick Start

Here are the steps to configure the basic system:

Termination Configuration

  1. Add Gateway under your SIP Profile. Carriers -> Gateways
  2. Add Provider.  Accounts -> Customers -> Customers → Create Provider
  3. Add your trunk. Carriers -> Trunks
  4. Add termination rates. Carriers -> Termination Rates (Pattern example : 1, 235)

Origination Configuration

  1. Create Rate Group. Tariff -> Rate Groups
  2. Select Trunk in Rate Group
  3. Add Origination Rates. Tariff -> Origination rates (Pattern example : 1, 235)

Setup Customer Account

  1. Create a new customer account. Accounts → Customers → Customers → Create Customer (Set Create SIP Device = Yes)
  2. Assign the rate group which you created. 
  3. Get SIP Device information from Customer Profile (From Edit Page) or Accounts → Customers → SIP Devices.
  4. Register your SIP Device using SIP Device Username, Password, and Your server IP, and make a call.

Here is the 'Quick Start' tutorial video:

Outbound call flow

An outbound call in ASTPP involves initiating a call from SIP endpoints registered on the platform to an external network through configured VoIP gateways.


Inbound call flow

An inbound call in ASTPP involves receiving a call from an external network and directing it to a configured endpoint.