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Billing Management


Billing Management in ASTPP represents a groundbreaking approach in VoIP billing software. It introduces a unique capability by allowing the configuration of invoicing, billing, and white label elements at both the main service provider (admin) and reseller account levels. This distinctive feature positions ASTPP as the first-ever VoIP billing solution to offer such comprehensive configuration options.


The primary purpose of Billing Management in ASTPP is to empower businesses with unparalleled flexibility in configuring and managing billing elements. This includes the ability for both admins and resellers to set up white label services, fostering opportunities for branding and customization. Additionally, the billing module facilitates users (admin/reseller) with the application of various basic settings related to invoicing and billing. Furthermore, this module serves as a powerful tool for automating the entire process of invoicing and billing, streamlining operations for enhanced efficiency within the ASTPP platform.

How will it work?


The billing module let its users (admin / reseller) apply various basic settings related to invoicing and billing as well as from this module, the users can also automate the process of invoicing and billing.

Inclusion in Invoice

  • Call Charges

  • Package Charges

  • Subscription Charges

  • DID Usage Charges

  • Consideration of Assigned Taxes

Configurable Parameters for Invoice

  • Invoice generation mode (Confirmed or Draft)

  • Reseller account level configuration for company name and address to be included in the customer invoice

  • Invoice prefix


  • Customer wise Invoice date setting

  • Due date reminder

  • Send email upon invoice generation

  • Invoice generation for accounts with no usage

  • Due date

Charges History

In the realm of billing solutions, invoices play a pivotal role in keeping tabs on services and their associated costs. However, ensuring transparency in the billing process is equally crucial. This is where the Charge History feature comes into play, offering a detailed report that delves into the specifics of each charge applied to a user's account. This transparency empowers users, providing them with a comprehensive understanding of the various charges reflected in their invoices.

Furthermore, Charge History extends its utility beyond mere specification by offering valuable insights into future invoices. Users, whether admins or customers, gain the ability to anticipate which services and products will be encompassed in the upcoming month's invoices. This forward-looking information proves invaluable in proactively managing services, allowing for strategic decision-making and optimized utilization of resources.

Refill Reports

Upon adding balance to a customer's account, obtain refill reports.