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Account Management

This page outlines all accounts management-related components of ASTPP. Admin has the ability to manage account profiles and address tasks related to profiles for customers, resellers, providers, and other sub-administrators.


Customer Management

ASTPP take into consideration that customers, functioning as originators or the end users of platform’s services.

Customers will possess the capability to engage in various operations as outlined below:

  • Dashboard access

  • Profile management

  • Create own SIP Devices

  • Manage IP Settings (If permission is given by admin)

  • Manage own CallerIDs

  • Purchase DIDs & configure it

  • Purchase Packages & Subscriptions

  • Recharge account

  • View & Pay Invoices

  • Check their own CDRs

Reseller Management

ASTPP gives Admin freedom to create multi level resellers and each reseller will be able to configure their own rates & enroll customers with their company’s white label details.

Resellers will be able to do below operations in system,

  • Create customers & sub-resellers

  • Configure rate groups & rates

  • Reports Management

  • Opt-in Admin’s product and resell it to their customers

  • Invoices Management

  • Personalize portal & invoices configurations for their customers

Provider Management

In ASTPP, We allow Providers to work as Terminator + Originator so the admin can operate interconnect business with the provider. Admin can terminate calls on Provider's server or Provider can terminate call on Admin’s server.