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Roles & Permission Management


Roles & Permissions Management in ASTPP is a robust feature that enables the administration of access to core modules for resellers, customers, and sub-admins. This functionality is governed by the role and permission modules, providing a structured approach to control and customization.


The primary purpose of Roles & Permissions Management is to empower administrators with the capability to tailor access levels for different user roles. Admins can generate distinct roles, each with unique permissions, allowing granular control over resellers, customers, and sub-admins. This feature not only enables the assignment of predefined roles but also facilitates the creation of new roles with specific permissions. The system further supports the generation of new users (Admin/Reseller/Customer) and the assignment of roles with corresponding permissions, ensuring a flexible and customizable access control framework within ASTPP.

How will it work?

The admin has access to options for finding, creating, and editing roles and permissions for Customers, Resellers, and Sub-admins.

Accounts → Roles & Permissions



In the below displayed screenshot, roles and permissions for a customer have been configured by selecting and deselecting specific options. This provides the capability to determine whether customers can access main menu items and manage preferences for allowing or disallowing access to sub-menu items.

The same functionality is applicable to sub-admins and resellers, and it can be managed by the master admin.