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Shadow Billing

Get addon  → Enterprise→ Shadow Billing

  • To survive the cut-throat competition in the VoIP market and to fulfil unreasonable requests to retain clients compromised hidden calculated billing.

  • It’s one type of hidden charge applied to customers.

Tariff → Shadow Billing

  • We implemented a new Shadow Billing Addon under the Enterprise add-on.

  • Once we install it, Under the Tariff menu add a new Shadow Billing menu.

Note: Once Shadow billing is selected in the Price list or Origination rate, the Initial increment and increment value are considered 0 (Override with the original value), which means the shadow billing charge applies only to the second base.
  • In shadow billing, we can define Flat Disconnect Fee, Disconnect Fee After, Disconnect Fee, and Minutes to Seconds.
  • Flat Disconnect Fee: If a call connects flat charge is applied to Call Cost.
  • Eg: suppose the call charge is 2.000 USD we define a flat fee as 0.02 so the charge deducted from the customer is 2.020 USD.
  • Disconnect Fee After & Disconnect Fee: Here we can define second, after second this charge also applies on cost.
  • Eg: suppose the call hangup before 50 seconds so the Disconnect Fee does not apply on cost but if the call hangup after 50 seconds does the disconnect fee apply on charges?
  • Call charge 2.000 USD apply flat charge 0.02 and also apply disconnect fee 0.01 so the total charge is 2.030 USD.
  • Minutes to Second: Here we can define seconds, suppose we set 55 so one minute converts into 55 seconds so one minute charge applies to 55 seconds.
  • Eg: call that runs 110 seconds and the cost is 1.000 USD so for a 110-second charge deduct 2.000 USD(2 minutes charge in 110 seconds.)
  • We assign created Shadow billing in Origination Rates or in the Price list.

  • For Provider cost, we can enable disable in setting menu
  • If enabled it applies on provider cost if disabled not apply Shadow billing on cost it applies only Debit charge.