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Demand Based Routing



Demand-Based Routing in ASTPP refers to the dynamic allocation of resources or routes based on current demands, allowing flexibility in cost, quality, and other parameters to optimize call routing.


Demand-Based Routing serves various purposes, including:

  1. Diverse Rate Applications: Enables different rate structures for the same destination based on the time of day.

  2. Pick-Off Pick Hours Rate Management: Adjusts charges during peak and off-peak hours, allowing for rate fluctuations.

  3. Holiday-Based Rate Management: Provides the flexibility to increase or decrease charges on origination rates for specific holidays.

  4. Increment and Decrement of Rates: Allows for both rate increases and decreases based on specific criteria.

  5. Dynamic Rate Adjustment: Permits adjustment of the cost per minute for calls based on the time of day, enhancing demand-based control over routing costs.

How will it work?

In the Admin portal, click on "Get Addons" located in the top right corner.

Navigate to "Enterprise," and locate "Demand-Based Routing." Install it.

Tariff → Demand Based Routing




Top right you can create


To delete an entry







Add a name for Demand based routing 


Select Reseller account 

Rate Group

Select rate group 

Time Zone

Select time zone 


Active / Inactive


Start Hour - End hour  ⇾ You can define stat and end hour 

Weekdays ⇾ Particular Holiday

Priority  ⇾ Suppose for the same day and at the same time, two conditions are matched then the system will apply based on priority.

Percentage(%) ⇾ Suppose the condition matches and the percentage is set to +1 so it applies to origination cost and increases origination cost value with +1%

Advance Routing 

Holiday ⇾  Month Day (Select day and month)   and Percentage(%)

In the customer login, we can provide the option to display all demand-based information categorized by prefix and rate.