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Access Control


In Version 6.0 we are providing an addon with the security feature; Providing control to admin to restrict or allow source IP to access the web portal

Type Of Restriction

  1. Admin Only

  2. Entire Portal


  • Easy To Restrict Specific User For Specific Entity

  • Easy To whitelist/blacklist IP

  • Improve Security and Minimize Risk

  • Protect Against Unwanted Visitors

  • Simplified Management

  • Streamline the Entering and Exiting of Specific IP

Go To Get Add-ons -> Enterprise -> Ingress Traffic Governance

Steps To Install

After Install

After installing the Ingress Traffic Governance admin can find the Access Control features in the portal.

Switch -> Access Control

How it will work?

  • With the help of these add-ons, the admin can restrict specific IP addresses to either Black List or White List with Access Admin Only / Entire Portal

Done Access Control is applied on your given IP.

If You Try To log in with the system of that IP it will show the following screen.