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Rate Simulator


  • A rate simulator will be used to calculate the call cost based on the assigned configuration to the customer account.

  • A dry run of call; Based on the assigned configuration, from call initiation to call delivery showing everything from selection of rate, localization, trunk to billing.

Where did you find this setting?

Menu → Tarrif → Rate Simulator 

How it will work?

  • We developed a separate add-on RATE SIMULATOR under the Enterprise addon list.

  • Once you install the new menu Rate Simulator will appear under the Tariff section for admin, Rates section in customer login.

  • Here we can see the max duration for a particular destination.

  • You can see the rates cut off with the input Number which you want to dial.

  • You can see all the rates with all scenarios by checking the dialed number.

  • We showed DID Number, Access Number, Trunk Information, and Gateway Failover gateway information.