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Stripe Payment Gateway


This is a payment gateway that lets accept credit card payments (online) by transferring money between your merchant account and a payment processor. Here the functionality will be such that user will be able to save as many credit card as needed and make one default credit card from which the payments needs to be done by the system. Also there will be auto payment feature given where if the customer's account balance threshold value reaches below then the minimum amount set then system will auto recharge the customer's account based on the amount added for automatic recharge as well as the it will recharge the amount as per how many times the recharge should be done for that account in a day. 

Some of its key features are as below

  •  One Solution To Cover Your Payments Needs.

  •  Customer Interface to setup the card payment.

  •  Payment Options to configure the Sandbox ID and credentials.

  •  Auto recharge option with the Fraud And Disputes protection by configuring the amount for recharge and setting up the number of times recharge should be done in a day.

  •  Dynamic 3D Secure feature.

  •  Save Cards and make one default card for payment.


Get Addons → Enterprise → Stripe Payment Gateway

Addon will be installed successfully, re-login to use the feature!!

Configuring the Stripe Payment Gateway

Enter the Sandbox secret key and publishable key in the Configurations→ Settings→ Payment Methods as seen in below screenshot and enable the Stripe option. Once details entered then click on the save button.

Similarly, one can add multiple cards for the same customer and make any one credit card as default for bill payment.

Configuring the auto-recharge option for bill payment.

Field Name

Field Description

Field Name

Field Description

Email Alert

Set enable/disable for email alerts

Balance below

Set threshold value of balance


This option can be enabled if the automatic recharge option needs to be configured.

Refill Amount

This option will set the refill Amount based on which automatic recharge will be done in the system.

Occurrence Per Day

This option will set the occurrence for the automatic recharge to be done in a day.