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Account Number Range

The ASTPP system generates an account number based on its algorithms. With this Add-on, the user can create his own range of account numbers.

Install the account range addon from the community menu.


  • Set your own account number range

  • Override System Generated Account Number Range

  • Specify Customer Account Number Range

  • Set your Own specific range in that range and decide to create all your customer random account numbers.

Key Features

  • Override system generated account number range

  • Specify customer account number range

Account Number Range Configuration

  • If your minimum account number: is- 000001 your maximum account number:-99999

  • Then it will create all your customer account numbers in between this range.






Minimum Account Number

Set start number wants to generate account number.

Maximum Account Number

Set end number wants to generate account number.


Here we are creating or defining different ranges for customers/resellers/providers.

By doing this while you will try to create a new customer/reseller/provider it will take account number range from the defined range.

In the below configuration if you try to create a customer account then it will randomly take account numbers ranging from 100-300

For resellers, it will take into account a range from 500-600.

For providers, it will take into account a range from 50-60.