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DID Call Transfer


DID Call Transfer in ASTPP allows for the dynamic configuration of DID (Direct Inward Dialing) failover destinations based on the disposition received from the primary destination. This feature enhances the reliability of call routing by providing alternative destinations in case of failures.


The primary purpose of DID Call Transfer is to offer users the flexibility to configure DID transfers either as PSTN or SIP-DID based on their specific setup preferences. With configurable status options such as BUSY Destination, NO ANSWER Destination, and ALWAYS Destination, users can customize the behavior of call transfers. Additionally, the ability to change the status of DID Call Transfer, whether active or inactive, is provided at the account level for both admin and reseller logins, allowing for efficient management and control of call transfer settings.

How will it work?

Inbound ⇾ DID call transfer


DID Call Transfer, an independent add-on within the Enterprise add-on list, seamlessly integrates with the assignment of DIDs to customers. Upon assigning a DID to a customer, the configured settings reflect on the dedicated page for DID Call Transfer.

Users have the flexibility to set the transfer status to ON and choose specific statuses such as BUSY, NO ANSWER, or ALWAYS. Additionally, they can forward calls to any desired number. When the transfer status is activated and a call matches the specified status criteria, such as No Answer, the call will seamlessly transfer to the designated destination, enhancing call management and ensuring efficient handling of incoming calls.

DIDs Call Transfer

DIDs Call Transfer


The DID number which you have assign to customer will see here


The DID is assign to which account will display 


In DID transfer we can set Busy destination by click on button 

No answer

In DID transfer we can set No answer destination by click on button 


In DID transfer we can Always set destination by click on button 


Which type of DID is we can see from here 


Number on, you need to transfer DID


By this function, you can forward DID to any number 

Call transfer 

To Active / Inactive DID function is given here