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Inbound Routes


The Inbound Routes addon in ASTPP empowers users to efficiently manage DID routes based on Caller ID. It facilitates the dynamic allocation of Direct Inward Dialing (DID) numbers to specific extensions, allowing for flexible and personalized call routing.


This addon enables CallerID-based DID assignment, ensuring secure account authentication and streamlined billing processes. Users can leverage the Inbound Routes addon to route the same DIDs to different extensions based on the Caller ID, providing a customizable and responsive approach to handling incoming calls. This feature enhances call management, allowing for tailored routing solutions based on the identification of the calling party.

How will it work?

Addons → Enterprise → Inbound Routes


After the installation, the Inbound Routes option will seamlessly integrate into the Inbound menu.

Add Inbound Routes

Multiple Caller IDs can be synchronized to the same DID, and conversely, the same caller ID can be linked to multiple DIDs.






Select Admin or reseller account.


Select the account number which is available under the Admin or Reseller.

Caller ID

Add caller id.


Select the DID number from the account.

Call Type

Select the call type for the forwarding.


Set the destination number from that account.


In the demo configuration, as depicted in the screenshot above, the caller ID 1234554321 has been associated with the SIP device.

Here, Caller IDs linked with DID numbers, meaning that when a call is received with the caller ID 1234554321, the call will be directed to a specified destination set in the Inbound Routes, deviating from the default destination of the original DID. You can view the original DID configuration in the screenshot below.

When calling DID-23456782, the call routing will be based on the associated caller ID, directing the call to the specified destination (6125032701) as configured in the Inbound Routes.